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Malm Ventless™ - SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ - Mid Century Modern Fireplace

Malm Ventless™ - SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ - Mid Century Modern Fireplace

Malm Ventless™ - SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ - Mid Century Modern Fireplace


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Authentic Mid-Century Design provides you the most advanced & safest ventless fireplace experience

MALM Ventless™ Fireplace with 25″ SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ Burner

MALM Freestanding fireplaces have graced many an iconic space with their recognizable modern attitude and form since the mid twentieth century. Now we’ve made it simpler, more affordable, and more convenient to own this icon.

Introducing MALM Ventless™

MALM Ventless™ translates into convenience and ease of installation because there is no permanent installation. No ventilation or flue to install, no gas lines to run. Simply unpack and assemble the fireplace anywhere (home, apartment, or commercial setting), and presto! You’re ready to enjoy a fire. It's that simple.

Includes stove pipe that extends to fit an 8 foot ceiling.  Taller ceilings requiring additional length of pipe, please call for customized order.  Additional customization can delay ship date.

BURNER: 25" SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ Linear Burner

FUEL: SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ – Our Revolutionary Fireplace Fuel that provides unsurpassed safety. Due to it’s naturally high flash point (200ºF) it is virtually NON-FLAMMABLE at room temperature making it the safest fireplace fuel. But at the same time creates a beautiful, natural color flame that dances lively.

SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ Advantages:

Clean Burning – No Smoke, No Soot, No harmful exhaust
Safer – No danger if accidently poured directly onto a lit flame
No flare up, flash or explode.
No Storage / Shipping Restrictions – can even ship by air!
Safe Handling – due to its high flash point (200ºF)
Planet Friendly – recycled material
Ideal for commercial use – available in volume containers

Don't forget to order your case of SUPER.BIO.FUEL™ 4x4L with Starter Fluid!

Note: 100% Copper is used for the Copper Metal finishes. Copper naturally oxidizes and darkens over time and is accelerated by natural oils in skin.  This is not a product defect. To slow down oxidation process, we recommend polishing with a Copper polish.

Because MALM fireplaces are custom made, they may take 4-8 weeks from date of purchase to delivery (porcelain = 8 wks; metal = 3-4 wks; powdercoat = 4-6wks). Price includes $250 shipping fee.