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Pricing listed is RETAIL.

The most advanced Water Vapor Fireplace Technology Available.

  • Now with built in UV-C sanitizing light!
  • Safest way to enjoy the ambiance of a fire; No real flame, and No heat, it can be used 365 days a year.

  • 3 models, AWPR-20-50 20’’ / AWPR-40-100 40’ / AWPR-60-150 60’’.

  • Units can be joined together to create very long continuous ribbons of flames.

  • Can be direct plumbed for automated filling or filled manually. Manual filling provides 20 hours of use.

    Integrated pumping system quickly fills or empties the system for manual fill (when not direct plumbed).

  • Adjust flame color, size and speed (intensity).

  • Set flames to natural color or select from 30+ other preset colors and options.

  • Control via button on device, smart phone app (IOS or Android), or integrate with in-room automation. (ports provided)

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