PRESTIGE water vapor fireplace inserts with cold-flame & adjustable colors

Water vapor insert with natural orange flames or blue, red, green, etc.

Discover the ultimate safety and fascinating beauty of the PRESTIGE water vapor fireplace inserts with cold-flame and adjustable colors collection, a unique high-end experience with all the benefits of fire without any of the drawbacks.

The iconic AFIREWATER™ line of PRESTIGE water vapor fireplace inserts offers a new approach to fire. You will discover a modern, eco-friendly and 100% safe fireplace. The flames are cold yet perfectly real and can be adjusted for speed, height, and color (AFIRE patents). They are created from ultra-fine cold vapor lit by several rows of LEDs, a totally innovative technology! In addition to the golden orange shade of natural flames, you can create flames of any color (red, blue, green, purple, turquoise, etc.). You can even set up automatic color-changing flame effects…

The child who dreams in front of a fireplace is full of imagination. The flames provide an awareness, a small spark of divine fire. Fire is alive. It smolders in our subconscious, not only awakening in us the treasures of nostalgia but also allowing us to imagine all possible futures.

PRESTIGE water vapor fireplace inserts

High-end, environmentally friendly fireplaces

The emotional experience of fire is unparalleled. With the AFIREWATER™ PRESTIGE line, you will get a fireplace with outstanding technological features and completely clean fire. In fact, a fireplace that runs on water does not emit any pollution or harmful exhaust gas (unlike all the others). Thanks to its high-tech high-end technology, the PRESTIGE collection of water vapor fireplaces offers the luxury of pure fire without constraints that is environmentally friendly and not hazardous to your health.

Fireplaces for apartments or houses

The 3D water vapor fireplace is perfect for families who don’t want to take any risks when it comes to their loved ones and their belongings. It can be installed anywhere, from city apartments to single-family homes. It’s a high-tech modern eco-friendly fireplace that offers all the benefits of fire without any of the drawbacks. Because it is nonpolluting, it can be installed in the living room next to the TV (cold flames) or in any other room. It’s real fire that offers the unique experience of color-changing flames, creating a magical ambience

Fireplaces for spaces that are open to the public

100% safe with real cold flames, the PRESTIGE water vapor electric fireplace is perfect for spaces that are open to the public. Designers, architects, and interior decorators can create extraordinary fire spaces. It’s the ultimate fireplace for trendy hotels, restaurants, and bars. It’s also the fireplace of spas, fitness centers, shops, and malls. All designs are allowed. Fireplaces with cold colorful flames have become living decorative features

Natural color flames
Blue, red, green flames (15 colors)
+ play of lights
Blend of natural and colored flames with blue, red, green, etc. (15 colors)
+ play of lights.

PRESTIGE fireplace with colorful flames
Eco-friendly fireplace that runs on tap water
100% safe fireplace

Smart fireplace with high-tech controls

Smart controls
App Smartphone
Dry contact for home automation
Remote control
On/off button


Water Vapor Fireplace Inserts with Germicidal UVC Lamps – Virucidal & Bactericidal

All our water vapor fireplace models are now equipped with UVC Lamps that protect and disinfect our air and water tanks, as well as the water vapor produced (patents pending). Ultraviolet C (UVC) radiation inactivates and kills viruses (coronavirus and others), bacteria, spores, microorganisms, and pathogens while the unit is in use. The UVC Lamps are installed in the air and water tanks and therefore not visible to the naked eye. We can now really talk about a 3D pure water vapor fireplace that gets rid of up to 99.99% of dangerous germs.

Wikipedia: Sterilization by ultraviolet radiation is a sterilization method that relies on the sensitivity of microorganisms to exposure to short-wavelength ultraviolet light. This method is used in research laboratories to prepare sterile work surfaces, for food preservation, and for air and water purification. UV light has been known for its mutagenic properties since the beginning of the 20th century and Niels Finsen’s Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Why you should choose a water vapor fireplace with adjustable colored flames

Ventless fireplace
Simple installation with no ventilation grate.
No exhaust duct.
Eco-friendly fireplace that does not create any water condensation.
Filling the tank
– Manual
(no water supply line)
– Via integrated pump
(no water supply line)
– Automatic
(water supply line)
Cold water vapor flames
No burning gas
Devices run on 24V (100-240V | 50-60 Hz transformer)
Provided with the connector depending on your country.
Norms and patents
Products comply with safety standards: CE (Europe), FCC (USA), IC (Canada).
Patents pending

PRESTIGE water vapor fireplaces – Dimensions and technical specifications

Technical specifications
Satin black insert (RAL 9005)
Remote control – button on the device
Contact for smart-home applications (dry contact)
Adjust flame height and speed
UVC air and water disinfection
Smartphone app
Manual filling (no water supply line)
Automatic filling via integrated pump (no water supply line)
Direct plumbing option (water supply line)
Automatic draining via integrated pump (no water supply line)
Adjust colors – natural orange flames + 15 colors
Light effects

The devices are fully automated if they are connected to the water supply network. A PRESTIGE water vapor fireplace does not create any condensation. The ultra-fine water vapor immediately evaporates in the ambient air. There are no water droplets on the surrounding walls.

1. PRESTIGE 50 cm | 20 in AWPR 20-50 Water vapour fireplac
Length: 50,8 cm | 20 in | Width: 32,8 cm | 12,9 in | Height: 28,6 cm | 11,3 in
Tank capacity: 2 L | Run time: 20 h | Power: 65 W | Weight: 16 kg


2. PRESTIGE 100 cm | 40 in AWPR 40-100 Water vapor electric fireplace
Length: 101,6 cm | 40 in | Width: 32,8 cm | 12,9 in | Height: 28,6 cm | 11,3 in
Tank capacity: 4 L | Run time: 20 h | Power: 130 W | Weight: 27 kg


3. PRESTIGE 150 cm | 60 in AWPR 60-150 Steam fireplace insert
Length: 152,4 cm | 60 in | Width: 32,8 cm | 12,9 in | Height: 28,6 cm | 11,3 in
Tank capacity: 6 L | Run time: 20 h | Power: 195 W | Weight: 39 kg


PRESTIGE 200 cm+ | 80 in+ PRESTIGE water vapor fireplaces

To install an XXL fireplace, just assemble the modular water vapor inserts from the AFIREWATER PRESTIGE line. You can then create a continuous line of fire. Since it meets the strictest safety standards, 3D cold water vapor fire can be installed anywhere: in large rooms, in spaces that are open to the public, in hotels, restaurants, bars, businesses, saunas, etc.
200 – 250 – 300 – 350 – 400 – 450 – 500 – 550 – 600 centimeters and more
80 – 100 – 120 – 140 – 160 – 180 – 200 – 220 – 240 inches and more