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Fireplace Installation: How to Install your Ethanol Fireplace – Key Points

How to install safely your fireplace

Firstly read the “User Guide Instruction – Fireplace Installation” carefully and follow the safety warnings for your appliance. In spite of the easy installation, address to a technician who will guarantee solid fixing.

AFIRE product data sheets are available upon request via e-mail. Feel free to ask for these technical data sheets “ethanol fireplace installation” for your chosen model/models. These data sheets provide the main technical information of our bioethanol fireplaces, their dimensions, the safety regulations to apply and the minimal safety dimensions in relation to the other inflammable materials.

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Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions about Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Bio Ethanol

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Ethanol fireplace installation: set up of your bio fireplace

1. Electronic models, with modern and safety hearths

All AFIRE models are fitted with a remote control, on/off button on the top plate and a “dry contact” for home automation applications. Bio ethanol fireplaces are fitted with electronic sensors to automatically stop the burner in the event of abnormal functioning.

Fuel optimisation. An electric pump permanently fills the burner. The tank and the burning block are separated; therefore, the quantity of alcohol used for burning is reduced. Alcohol is perfectly oxygenated in a burning tank isolated from air casings of other parts of the burner.

2. Fireplace installation: power supply

The electronic components of your appliance and the pump are required to connect to power supply. The consumption is minimal. The burner works on 12 V. It is supplied with an adapter (100-240 V – 12 V). Connect this adapter to any existing power supply. If you wish, embed electric wires to connect within the opening or use cable management systems.

3. Positionning your fireplace

Fixing the support plate to the wall is the most important phase in the fireplace installation. As a matter of fact, this support should bear your fireplace; therefore, a strong fixing with suitable screws and dowels has to be carried out. The support should be perfect and has to be controlled with a proper device. Now connect the adapter and install the bio fireplace on the support. The Fireplace installation is completed.

4. Filling of the burner and ignition

Press the unlock button of the tank hatch. Remove the cap and fill using a funnel. As soon as the maximum level is reached, a beep sound will alert you, thus avoiding an overflow. Then position the cap and close the hatch. This will lock automatically. All that remains is to press the remote control button.