Smart Bio Ethanol Burner Inserts with Remote Control by AFIRE
Perfection In Styling

Secured automatic ethanol burner insert: the best way to design your space-fire

The trendiest and simplest way to create your fireplace is to embed a remote-controlled bio ethanol burner insert which fits perfectly within a stylish interior. What is more magic than a fire to personalize an atmosphere and to set the scene?

AFIRE manufactures the largest smart remote controlled bio ethanol burner inserts range in the world. Designed to be completely flexible and to fit into all designs, AFIRE electronic hearths are blocks of pure stainless steel which reflect the dancing flames. These bioethanol inserts allow you to invent the fire ribbon, the luxury fireplace that suits YOUR preferences and needs. Square, round, compact or large bio inserts, XL, XXL bioethanol burners, ethanol fireplace insert for existing fireplaces, etc., AFIRE combustion blocks to build in mix perfection in design with electronic security.

Switch on the fire with the remote control!
Smart ethanol burner inserts

Remote control
On/off button
Dry contact for home automation applications and remote control via Smartphone or remote commands
Ignition - Power
Automatic and secured ignition through low-voltage electronic induction electrodes Feed pumps with high-tech membranes developed by the medical field
Electronic sensors that automatically halt the unit in case of malfunction (CO², heat, levels, tank gauge, accelerometer, etc.)
All AFIRE devices comply with the following safety standards:
CE (Europe),
IC (Canada)

Bio & High Tech
Smart & Design
Simple & Secured

1. Easy to install, easy to use

A modern fireplace is a fire space which is quickly installed and which can be switched on every day, without constraints and without laborious preparation. AFIRE Electronic bio-ethanol burners do not require an exhaust duct. They are fitted easily without major disruption and in just a few minutes.

2. Remote controlled ethanol burner insert

The real comfort is being able to control flames by pressing a button. True technological progress with ignition by electrodes! This novelty is not only important in term of comfort but it also avoids the risk of burns to hands. Now you no longer need any matches or a lighter; the ignition of flames is automatic and safe.

Our modern ethanol burner inserts are fitted with remote control and an on/off button on the top plate. They also possess a “dry contact” on the electronic board that enables remote command and “home automation” applications.

3. Intelligent ethanol insert with multiple safety elements

AFIRE offers high technology and a safe range of ethanol hearths. Combustion blocks are equipped with sensors (Heat, CO², filling, tank gauge, etc. that detect any dysfunction and automatically stop the device in the event of anomalies. Electronic safety essential for your peace of mind. Bio fires become intelligent…

4. An extensive line of electronic bioethanol burners

Specialist of inserts, AFIRE markets several lines of embedded combustion blocks. But if you have a particular project, the AFIRE research and development department will study your needs and our workshop will manufacture the custom-made fire ribbon that best suits you.

AFIRE offers you a range of bioethanol design hearths and ethanol fireplace burner inserts which fits perfectly within a stylish interior. Feel free to contact us to get a quotation including delivery, to get the the technical PDF data sheet for the selected product or to obtain the detailed installation sheet.

Smart Ethanol Burner Inserts with Remote Control Range:

Invent your AFIRE vent-free design fireplace

BL Premium range
40 – 100 cm, 15 – 40 in width
Premium automatic ethanol burner inserts
BX single-bloc range:
to create extra-ordinary fireplaces 120 – 180 cm, 50 – 70 in width
Extra-large or long bio ethanol burner inserts
Modulo Fire Ribbons
Starting from 200 cm (80 in.) and Angle Ethanol Burners
Fire ribbons: modular ethanol burner inserts
BC Range
Innovative and trendy shapes bio inserts
Design vent-free ethanol burners
ADD Collection
Ethanol Burner Insert for Existing Fireplace
Ethanol Fireplace Inserts
How to install your Fireplace ethanol Insert
Fireplace Insert Burner Installation